Fusión desde Canarias y Cuba



“A real emotional spectacle” […] “the classical training of the two musicians allowed them to move playfully in a wide spectrum of classical music, folklore, jazz and funk and to shine with spontaneous improvisations. For example, Humberto Ríos, who this year received the Leiden Jazz Award, played not only the keys but also the piano strings, while Pablo Rodríguez transformed his violin into a mandolin or a cajón”. Helmstedter Nachrichten. 

Conversations born from the sensibility and improvisations of a Canarian violinist together with the delicacy and contrasts of a Cuban pianist. Sonorities that engage in intense musical talks. Harmonies that speak of jazz and classical music in unison. Sound passages that tell us ancestral stories of folk music with Canarian roots and Cuban popular music.  

FULL BIO’s (PDF): Dossier Conversations 18′ ES

Guided by musical complicity and mixed influences, in little more than an hour we went on a transoceanic journey through our own compositions and adaptations of great composers. From André Mehmari to Chick Corea or David Chesky. The 4,000 miles that separate the Canary Islands from Cuba become a musical journey in which the talent of Humberto Ríos & Pablo Rodríguez converses note by note. 

During the months of April and May, the ’18 Tour visited Holland, Germany, Zaragoza, Valencia, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and La Palma, leaving behind a great impression on jazz-fusion lovers while demonstrating the strength of a proposal that has been carefully crafted and still has a lot to offer.

Pablo Rodríguez Music 2018.